Media Agency Audit

We have carried out Media Audit for the one of the largest global food and beverage manufacturer for the past decade. The assignment was successfully performed and value was added at each stage. During the audit many issues were identified and communicated to the client, however, some of the key issues reported were as following:

  1. Variation in droppages as opposed to the contract,
  2. Bulk discounts were remitted at 50% of the actual amount. The effect of this is over Rs. 100 million in the past decade. Workings were prepared and clauses from contract were extracted to support our calculations. The client was successful in receiving this benefit in the year the audit was performed and the succeeding years as well.
  3. Delay in remission of bulk discount that resulted in a loss of Rs. 16 million in the last year only,
  4. Revision in contract was required where the client could have saved millions of rupees in indemnity.

The client duly recognized and appreciated our work and on inquiry they responded that they were highly satisfied by our service.